High pressure misting system for greenhouses

High pressure misting system for greenhouses

In spring and winter, there is a big problem with lack of moisture in our greenhouses. Lettuce, cucumber and tomato need enough moisture for ideal growing conditions. In order to obtain sufficient humidity, a misting system should be installed in greenhouses. We offer our customers the Agro Super Mist system.

Benefits of Hortilife Agro Super Mist:

  • Checking the humidity level in the greenhouse
  • Reduces greenhouse temperature
  • Higher CO2 levels in the greenhouse as greenhouse hatches are opened less often
  • Due to the extremely small water droplets, the crop stays dry
  • Easy to install
  • Light loss in the greenhouse is non-existent

To achieve an optimal “micro” climate in your greenhouse:

  • Increase the humidity level in the greenhouse and reduce the greenhouse temperature with the Hortilife high pressure misting system. With a controlled temperature, the ventilation windows are opened less and thus the CO2 level is more optimal.

Hortilife high pressure misting system

The fogging system is a high-pressure system with a working pressure of 70-80 bar and a maximum of 120 bar at the pump. Water droplets are 3-6 microns (μm). The drop size is the result of a special design and production method. Due to its size, the droplet “floats” in the air and evaporates before it reaches the surface of the plant leaf. The system uses ANTI-DRIP sprays, i.e. sprays that do not drip. Dripping is a very big problem in greenhouses where unstable systems are used.