Construction and sale of greenhouses

Construction and sale of greenhouses

We offer versatile greenhouse solutions. Our product range includes different film and glass greenhouses and tunnel greenhouses. We have almost 15 years of experience in the construction and sale of greenhouses in the European, Russian and Estonian markets.

From glass greenhouses, we offer glass and polycarbonate greenhouses of the Venlo type, or Dutch block greenhouses. The greenhouses of Venlo are either single or multiple rash. The constructions of the greenhouses we offer are made of high-quality material.

We also offer used greenhouse structures.

Topgreen OÜ also offers producers Multi-Span greenhouses, which are covered with high-quality film. A Multi-Span Greenhouse is a single-span greenhouse that is interconnected. The rash can always be built up.

Topgreen OÜ is also the official representative of the Finnish greenhouse manufacturer Reo Tuote in Estonia. The Reo Tuote product range includes various variants of arched greenhouses. The arches of the greenhouse are made of box iron. The construction of the greenhouse is hot-dip galvanized. Reo Tuote Termorex greenhouses are available in widths of 6 – 25 meters. We offer 10 mm polycarbonate or double film as covering material for the greenhouse.

In cooperation with our partners, we will find the most suitable greenhouse solution for you, contact us.