Topgreen offer different type of greenhouses to clients.

Togreen OÜ also have mounting team who have 10 years of experience in mounting and projecting greenhouses.


  • VENLO type glass and polycarbonate greenhouses, bay width 8.00, 8.54, 9.60, 12.00 and 12.80
  • Multi-Span plastic and polycarbonate greenhouses
  • Foil tunnels, Bi-tunnels , width 6 m – 12 m
  • Gothic style REO Tuote Termorex plastic and polycarbonate greenhouses,  width 8 m – 25 m
  • Widespan polycarbonate glass greenhouses
  • Wood- arched plastic greenhouses with width 8 m – 16 m
  • TURNKEY solutions ( greenhouse project, foundation, construction, cover material, ventilation, doors, heating system, CO2 system, shading and energy saving, lightning system, irrigation system , watering booms, lettuce lines etc.

Topgreen and his partners are designed and built a lot of hectares greenhouses in Estonia and in other Europe.

Ask offer for best solution ,

Topgreen OÜ