Design and installation of irrigation systems

Design and installation of irrigation systems

We offer irrigation system solutions for growing different crops. In cooperation with our partners, we supply you with the right accessories for irrigation systems.

Our product range includes various irrigation hoses and pipelines (PE, PVC, Netafim drip irrigation hoses), drippers, dispensers, irrigation booms, various sprayers, irrigation pumps, etc.

We also offer irrigation booms for greenhouses and outdoor courts. The irrigation boomsswe offer are ideal for watering vegetables and forestplants. Irrigation boom  WB V.1 is Topgreen OÜ’s own production. The irrigation booms produced by us are mostly used in forestplant nurseries.

Irrigation booms are from 6 to 40 meters wide. The watering ramps move along the railway and are equipped with a control computer, sprayers (Tri-Jet), water hoses, etc. The irrigation booms by Topgreen OÜ are used in different types of greenhouses and open fields. irrigation booms for outdoor courts are up to 40 m wide and are designed to work on a court up to 200 m long.

If you need help setting up irrigation systems, please contact us.

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