Company profile

Topgreen OÜ is a company founded in 2009. The first 5 years Topgreen OÜ dealt with greenhouse construction and the construction of greenhouse lighting. From 2014, we have expanded our operations in Estonia and across Europe. We have been operating on Estonian market for less than 10 years but we have rich experience, more than 15 years of knowledge and experience in horticulture and greenhouses.

Our core business is building various greenhouses (film and glass greenhouses as well as effective Reo TUOTE film and polycarbonate greenhouses), renovation of the greenhouses and selling Venlo and Reo-type greenhouses. For that, we have extensive knowledge of greenhouse equipment. We offer a comprehensive array of different greenhouse equipment in greenhouses. In collaboration with Topgreen OÜ partners, we are able to offer best technical solutions for greenhouses from watering systems to greenhouse heating systems. Our company is also dealing with various kinds of seeds, horticultural and agricultural high quality fertilizers and greenhouse equipment for retail and wholesale business. For easy plant growing we offer our customers the best seed varieties and biological control. Our aim is to supply different gardening vendors, vegetable- and flower growers with our goods. Topgreen OÜ product line of accessories, fertilizers, and seeds are big. We are able to supply you with the best greenhouse products from various world’s major producers.

We work with different companies who are specialized on manufacturing greenhouses. Our partners are in almost every country in Europe. The largest supplier countries are: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Latvia.

Greenhouse accessories and equipment sales are not our only activity. From birth of Topgreen OÜ, we have dealt with greenhouse construction and furnishing. Our team has built a different kind of Venlo greenhouses and REO TUOTE greenhouses. Topgreen OÜ is composed of professional and competent greenhouse builders, whose main activity is the construction of greenhouses. Topgreen OÜ team owns 15 years of work experience in construction and greenhouse lighting in the European market. Our team is built and furnished tens of hectares of greenhouses in Russia and Europe. Topgreen has built a number of acres of lettuce lines and plant tables in Russia, Finland, Hungary and Belarus.

The aim of Topgreen OÜ is to equip various companies with accessories, who are engaged in the production of horticultural products, and to provide them with the best technical solutions. Our task is to meet with customers wishes and to provide them with quality service in the field of greenhouses and greenhouse accessories!


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