Planning hydroponic lettuce lines and plant tables

Construction of salad lines and plant tables

Growing different crops in greenhouses requires suitable growing area for crop quality and processing.

Topgreen OÜ carries out the construction of plant tables and salad lines for various crops. We supply and install lettuce lines for growing different condiments, lettuce, arugula and many other crops.

The salad lines offered by Topgreen OÜ ensure effective growing and harvesting conditions for herbs and lettuce. Our team has built and delivered several hectares of lettuce lines in Finland, Russia, Hungary, etc.

We offer various plant table solutions for pre-growing and processing plants. The plant boards we offer are made of high-quality material and give the advantage of obtaining a high-quality harvest. According to your wishes, we offer you convenient and effective solutions for your greenhouse.

We also renovate old salad lines and plant tables.