Ventilation control

Ventilation control
Ventilation control

We offer different ventilaton control boxes, sensors, weather stations and climate computers.

The control panels are designed by Dutch engineers and the control unit is also designed to protect motors.

Operating for manual and automatic control of the hatches we offer HSMC hatch guides.

The control panels are compatible with climate control computers, especially the highly configurable GMC and ORION climate control computers.

With the HSMC 1 controller, you can adjust one vent window. Suitable for greenhouses with one vent window and engine. Can drive 1- and 3-phase motors.

HSMC 2 – You can adjust two vent hatches. Suitable for greenhouses with 2 ventilation windows and 2 engines. Can drive 1- and 3-phase motors.

HSMC 3 – You can adjust up to three air vent hatches or up to three shades. Can drive 1- and 3-phase motors.

With HSMC control panels, you can also set up motors and end switches.

The control panel is easy to operate and maintain.

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