Reo Tuote Termorex Greenhouses

Reo Tuote Termorex Greenhouses
Reo Tuote Termorex Greenhouses

Topgreen OÜ is a representative of Reo Tuote greenhouses in Estonia. Reo Tuote greenhouses are made of high quality materials. Greenhouse construction is made in Finland. The Reo Tuote range includes a variety of film and polycarbonate greenhouses. The main selling point is Termorex greenhouses.

The Termorex coating material is a high quality double greenhouse EVA film and / or 10, 16 mm polycarbonate.

We offer Termorex greenhouses in widths 8-25 m.

Termorex greenhouses are recognized throughout Europe. Greenhouses are intended for growing various vegetables, forest plants and ornamental plants.

The Reo greenhouse provides the best growth medium for plants (light, temperature, humidity). The great benefit of Reo is the effective use of the greenhouse, which is the maximum use of the cultivated area.

The team of Topgreen OÜ also offers its customers Reo Tuote greenhouse installations. Our team has built Reo Termorex greenhouses in nurseries in Russia, Austria, Finland, Kazakhstan. We are specialized thermorex greenhouse builders in Europe


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