Boilers and burners

Boilers and burners

In cooperation with Hortilife BV, we offer various types of boilers, burners and accessories to major manufacturers.

Special boilers for greenhouses are available in the product range. Boilers are available with different capacities.

The greenhouse boilers offered by Hortilife are not exactly ordinary heating boilers, namely these boilers are designed with the premise of producing CO2 for plants. The offered boilers are economical and durable.

When preparing the offer, we base it on the culture to be grown, the type of greenhouse, the area of the greenhouse, the nature and size of the boiler house, etc.

Regarding burners, we offer our customers RKB burners. What makes burners special is the requirement to produce additional CO2.

The burners are available in different versions: gas burners, oil and gas burners with pneumatic and electric control. The burners have a CE certificate and have passed the TÜV test.

Also available are heating pumps, 3D valves, mixing valves, thermostats, etc.

We deliver the burners to the customer according to the customer’s wishes and conditions.