Vermiculite is a heat-treated clay mineral. The structure of vermiculite is light and airy, suitable for mixing with peat and also as a covering material for sowing seeds. The main task and working principle of vermiculite is to transmit and maintain the nutrients and sufficient amount of moisture necessary for the plant.

By mixing vermiculite with growing peat, you guarantee plants a stronger root system, optimal growth and a higher yield.

It is best to use vermulite in peat soils. Vermiculite is suitable for plants with neutral soil, and in excessively acidic soils it becomes alkaline.

Uses of vermiculite in the household: flowers, vegetable plants, herbs, decorative plants, etc.

Uses of vermiculite in production: in peat mixtures of herbs and ornamental plants, for covering the seed sowing of forest plants and ornamental plants, in the cultivation of vegetables, for covering the seed in stone wool cubes, in peat substrate, in coconut peat.

Vermiculite reduces over- and under-watering!

Vermiculite is also a good material in construction and industry. Vermiculite is fireproof and has good insulation properties.

Mix in the substrate mixture at a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2.

Packaging: 100 l, Big Bag, also small packaging for wholesale.

Fractions: fine (0 – 1.5 mm or 1-2 mm), medium (0 – 3 mm), coarse (2.5 – 5).