Fertilizer dispensers

Fertilizer dispensers

We supply our customers with fertilizer dispensers from the manufacturers Mixrite, Dosamatic and Dosatron.

The MIXRITE Proportional Doser dispenses fertilizers and other chemicals very easily.

Fertilizers/chemicals are pumped into the solution using water pressure. The device does not require an electrical connection, but works with water pressure. The dispenser works proportionally, which means that the corresponding percentage of fertilizers/chemicals can be dosed according to the amount of water.

MIXRITE dispensers are also used in laundries and animal barns for dosing shampoo and food.

We also offer installation of dispensers, maintenance, construction of fertilization units.

If you are interested in Dosamic or Dosatron dispensers, please contact us. We have dispensers from these companies in our product range.

The choice of the right dispenser must be based on the percentage of the solution and also the water throughput, e.g. 10 m3/hour.


Dispenser trolley

We also offer our customers sets of dispenser carts. We assemble your chosen Dispenser on a trolley or on a EUR plastic base.

The dispenser cart we offer is equipped with air tires, the cart’s load capacity is 300 kg. For the solution, we install a 150 L special solution barrel on the trolley.

Quick connectors and PVC fittings are installed on the trolley. If necessary, we can also install EC and PH measurement.