Greenhouse ventilation automation

Greenhouse ventilation automation

We offer various devices, sensors and control panels for ventilation hatch motors to optimize and automate ventilation.

The control panels have been developed by Dutch engineers and the control panel is also designed to protect the motors.

For manual and automatic control of ventilation hatches, we offer you HSMC hatch control panels.

The control panels can be connected to climate computers, especially well set with GMC and ORION climate computers.

The function of the HSMC control panels is to control and control the motors of the ventilation hatches.

HSMC 1 – You can adjust one ventilation window using the remote control. Suitable for greenhouses with one ventilation window and a motor. Can control 1-phase and 3-phase motors.

HSMC 2 – You can adjust two ventilation windows. Suitable for greenhouses with 2 ventilation windows and 2 motors. Can control 1-phase and 3-phase motors.

HSMC 3 – you can adjust up to three ventilation windows or up to three shading curtains. Can control 1-phase and 3-phase motors.

You can also configure motors and limit switches using HSMC controls.

The control panel is easy to use and maintain.

The product range also includes control panels for ventilation hatches from other manufacturers.

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