Axial fans, axial fans

Axial fans, axial fans

The fans in the Topgreen OÜ product range are designed to circulate and mix air, creating a better climate in the greenhouse.

The product range includes fans with different capacities:

  • CAF 45 axial fan – productive 5770 m3/hour, metal housing, diameter 45 cm, 272W;
  • DAE 500 – productive 400 m3/h with 90W capacity, galvanized body;
  • DAE 600 – productive 7000m3/h capacity 150W, galvanized body;
  • EDC18 – productive 2600 m3/h power 110W, galvanized body;
  • ACF18 – productive 4500 m3/h power 122W, galvanized body;
  • ACF22 – productive 7800 m3/h capacity 270W, galvanized body, double protective net;
  • ACF25 – productive 11790 m3/h power 488W, galvanized body, double protective net.

A fan control panel for up to ten fans is also available.