Climate computers

Climate control

The mission of Topgreen OÜ is to offer its customers the best technical solutions in greenhouses. For ideal climatic conditions, we offer you different types of climate computers.

HSMGC and Orion climate computers

Designed for use in different types of greenhouses. The HSMGC climate computer creates the best microclimate conditions in your greenhouses.

The ventilation system, heating system, watering system, shading curtains and lighting in the greenhouse can be adjusted using the HSMGC climate computer.

According to the computer, you can connect 2-fold ventilation shutters, shading and energy-saving curtains, greenhouse lights, 8-fold circulation fans, additional irrigation (high-pressure misting) and 2 burners or 3 pieces of 3D valves for the heating system.


According to HSMGC and ORION climate computers, a weather station can also be connected. The following indicators can be monitored using the weather forecast: wind speed, wind direction, storm limit, precipitation, air humidity, outdoor temperature.

A climate computer with sensors inside the greenhouse can monitor the temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse.

Using CAN common, it is possible to connect HSMGC and ORION climate computers to the Internet network. You can monitor the climatic conditions in the office or at home.

If the HSMGC computer has a climate computer in each greenhouse, the ORION computer has one climate computer for every six computers (the climate computer is located either in one greenhouse or in the office).

The product range includes other climate computers from different manufacturers.

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