Greenhouse control computers Sercom

Greenhouse control computers Sercom

Topgreen OÜ supplies you with Sercom greenhouse control computers. Our competence also includes installation and maintenance of the control computer. The task of the greenhouse control computer is to create a suitable growing environment. SERCOM control computers ensure ideal conditions for plant cultivation in your farm.

The climate computer controls the greenhouse’s ventilation, carbon dioxide (CO2), light, shading and energy-saving curtains, fans and boilers.

We deliver SERCOM devices to you in cooperation with Hortilife B.V. Hortilife has been at the birth of Sercom and has knowledge and experience for over 20 years.

SERCOM control computers are controlled from the LCD screen.

While simpler climate computers are designed for monitoring, SERCOM computers have more functions. With SERCOM, you can also check the EC and pH of the irrigation water.

Control of SERCOM climate computers is also possible via smartphone. SERCOM and HORTILIFE have developed an app called KLIMACALC. This app can be downloaded for Android phones from Google Plays and for APPLE phones from the Apple Store.

SERCOM models:

  • SC600 – simple, small for the producer, can control greenhouse ventilation and one heating circuit;
  • SC 750C – 16 Analog and 8 Digital inputs, separate, for one greenhouse section;
  • SC 800 – 6 Digital and 16 Analog inputs, 16 digital outputs;
  • SC 900 – Same as SC800 but with LCD screen;
  • SC 900 – SC 4000 – for large growth complexes, the number of outputs and inputs is multiple. More information from our team.

In cooperation with Hortilife BV, we will help you when choosing a greenhouse control computer.

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