Hydroponic lettuce lines

Lettuce lines

Ideal for growing lettuce, frillice, herbs and other crops, we offer a hydroponic semi-automatic lettuce line. The lettuce line is Topgreen OÜ’s own production.

The hydroponic lettuce line is manufactured and designed in Finland. Our team has almost 20 years of experience in the production and installation of salad lines.

High-quality materials and technologies have been used in the design and development of the salad line. The line is designed to create an efficient and best harvest. Every detail of this product is selected according to the wishes and experiences of our customers.

The lettuce line is used in greenhouses for growing lettuce, frillice, iceberg lettuce, herbs and other crops. The plants are placed on the lettuce line in specially designed growth channels. Watering is done automatically according to the principles of the aquaculture system. Cultures absorb nutrients and water through their roots. Through the drip irrigation system, i.e. through the drippers, the water reaches the growing troughs.

The growing chutes on the lettuce line move with the help of drive shafts, motors and combs. Planting of plants on the salad line takes place at one end of the line and picking of plants at the other end of the line. At the first end of the salad line, there are plant tables on which the plants are pre-grown. For preliminary cultivation, we offer specially designed plant tables and PE cassettes. On the plant tables, we use overhead watering, that is, watering is done using a watering can.

Lettuce lines are designed in greenhouses according to the customer’s wishes and needs. Our lettuce lines are equipped with high-quality watering ramps and plant tables. To fertilize the plants, we use fertilizer units from well-known manufacturers in our salad lines.

We have designed and built lettuce lines in widths of 4.5 m – 12 m. In total, we have built tens of hectares of lettuce lines in Europe and Russia.

If you are interested, please contact us and we will design the best solution for you.