VENLO greenhouses

Venlo greenhouses

VENLO greenhouses, or Dutch block greenhouses, are the most popular greenhouses in the world. The VENLO greenhouse is designed for year-round use.

The greenhouse consists of several greenhouse hatches. The widths of the greenhouses in Venlo are 6.4 m, 8.54 m and 12 m.

VENLO greenhouses use brush ventilation in a checkerboard system. In the case of the VENLO greenhouse, there is a gutter between the roofs, which allows rainwater to be collected and used for watering.

VENLO greenhouses can be equipped with watering systems, heating systems, growing gutters, shading systems and other possible devices. We design the greenhouse according to the customer’s wishes. Our team has built and furnished hectares of Venlo greenhouses in Estonia, Russia, Finland and elsewhere in Europe.

We offer VENLO greenhouse solutions and constructions directly from major Dutch manufacturers.