Topgreen OÜ  has a variety of water tanks for storing and collecting water, fertilizer water, and drainage water.

Containers are intended for use in horticulture, food industry, agriculture, swimming pools for collecting and storing drainage water.

We introduce you high quality HDP hot dip galvanized steel water tanks. The water tanks are assembled on the object with HDP hot-dipped steel details.


  • Easy to install, the tiles are joined together with bolts and nuts
  • flexible use (swimming pools, food industry, greenhouses, swimming pools)
  • equipped with a special rubber lid.
  • withstands high temperatures and direct sunlight
  • low investment costs
  • simple containers to move
  • easy to transport, hot-dipped parts can be installed just on the base of the EUR pallet
  • has CE conformity and the material of the container corresponds to the environment class C3
  • durable, high quality rubber HDPE rubber container contents

Capacity of  watertanks: 2 m3 – 1600 m3

Water tanks diameters:  

  • 2,74 m
  • 1,83 m
  • 3,66 m
  • 4,57 m
  • 5,49 m
  • 6,4 m
  • 7,32 m
  • 8,23 m
  • 9,14 m
  • 10,06 m
  • Wider tanks with a diameter of 11.89 m – 30.18 m


Water tanks height:

  • 0,76 m
  • 1,52 m
  • 2,29 m
  • 3,05 m
  • 3,81 m
  • 4,57 m

Also available  PVC and PE piping for connecting tanks. We offer also  installation of water tanks.

We find the best solution for storing and collecting water!