UV Slider water disinfectant

UV Slider water disinfectant

The UV Slider disinfectant is designed to disinfect recycled, drainage water, well water in the greenhouse, i.e. to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses from the water.

The working principle of the devices consists in emitting UV radiation, which is generated in special UV lamps. Harmful bacteria, diseases, viruses, infections are removed from the water using UV-C rays.

Irrigation water and drainage water are collected in tanks using gutters, pumps deliver water from the tanks to the filter (paper, automatic sieve filter), the filtered water is transferred from the filter to the UV-C lamps, after the UV-C lamps, the water is pumped into the clean water tank, and the water from the clean water tank moves to the irrigation cycle again. The UV-Slider can be controlled with the greenhouse control computer PRIVA or Sercom.

Suitable for use:

  • in the cultivation of vegetables (cucumber, tomato, paprika), lettuce, herbs.
  • in the food industry.

Technical specifications:

  • productive 20 m3/hour – 100 m3/hour
  • power 6.0 KW – 13.0 KW, 400Vac, 3 phases
  • Number of UV lamps 6 – 12 pcs
  • inlets = 75 mm or 90 mm
  • outlet d= 75 or 90 mm
  • dimensions 420 cm x 150 cm x 190 cm
  • weight 500 – 700 kg


  • you don’t need to use chemicals when cleaning the lamps
  • low maintenance costs
  • high in productivity
  • reliable UV-C lamps
  • easy to use
  • securing the harvest from diseases, bacteria, viruses
  • reuse of irrigation water and drainage water, you save on waste water costs