Topgreen WB V.1 irrigation boom

Topgreen WB V.1 irrigation boom
Topgreen WB V.1 irrigation boom

For perfect irrigation, fertilization, plant protection, we offer quality Topgreen WB V.1 irrigation booms.

Topgreen WB V.1 irrigation booms are suitable for irrigation forest plants, vegetables, ornamental plants, bushes, berries etc.


Topgreen WB V.1 irrigation boom  is a Topgreen own product and is intended for use in greenhouses and also in outdoor areas.

TopgreenWB V.1 irrigation boom is made of high quality materials and the functions of the device can be changed according to the needs.

For optimal plant growth, each plant needs enough water, nutrients. With Topgreen WB V.1 irrigation booms, you can supply plants with a sufficient amount of nutrients and water.


With Topgreen WB V.1, you can also use fertilizer and plant protection. The materials used will withstand the chemical compounds of fertilizers and plant protection products.

Technical specifications:

  • Max boom width 40 m
  • Max rail length 150 m
  • Tri-Get nozzles
  • Double rail, hot-dipped
  • Motorgearbox 0,37 KW – 1,0 KW, depends on boom width
  • Optimal pressure 2-3 BAR
  • Speed 0-15 m/min
  • 50 mm water pipe with hose car
  • Nozzles are located in PVC pipe, easy to remove before winter
  • Control board, manual and automatic mode, speed controller
  • Weatherproof NYLON wheels on hose car and on boom trolley
  • Outside nozzles, 4 pcs
  • Readiness of fertilizer dispenser, quick connections


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Thanks to the Tri-Get nozzles, you get the best possible conditions in the watering
  • Easy to remove nozzles from the boom when it arrives in winter
  • Spare parts in Topgreen stock are always available
  • Weatherproof nylon wheels, rollers, nozzles, piping
  • Hot dipped rail and construction, corresponding to C3 class.l.
  • Control board is easy to use
  • Easy to implement plant protection and fertilization
  • Service and feedback 24/7


  • Surveillance 6 Bar
  • Pressure gauge for monitoring
  • Ready for fertilize dispenser, quick connectors
  • Fertilizer dispenser Mixrite, suspension up to 5%
  • Ground cover of 100g / m2, installed under the rail
  • Installation

IMG_0738  hose car, rail system

Tri-Get nozzles on PVC pipe                    Hose car

IMG_1326  mixrite

Nylon wheels                                                     Mixrite fertilizer dispenser

Various spare parts are also available: Sprayers, spray holders, filters, wheels, bearings, motor driven gearboxes.