Disinfectant mats

Disinfectant mats
Disinfectant mats

The Disinfectant Mat is a selected quality solution for addressing hygienic problems during transfers of people, forklift trucks and other warehouse equipment in greenhouses, food processing industry and in hospitals.

We offer two types of disinfectant mats: QleanOmat P -> a specific disinfectant mat for the disinfection of foot wear (for entrance doors) QleanOmat T -> a specially designed mat for the disinfection of tires
and wheels of passing fork lift trucks, pallet movers, roll containers and trailers (for large corridors and entrance doors). Because of a unique, licenced, design of the mounting surface, the QleanOmat T is practically roll-up resistant and will therefore not be stuck under transport carriers driving across. Competitive products in the market without stabilization are often qualified defective. Both

Why the Disinfectant mats?
• Quality assurance by in-house design and productionol
• Absorbing stuffing is composed of flexible multifilament absorbents
• The upper layer is very wear-resistant to resist frequent transport
movements with minimal wear out
• Because of the innovative inside stabilization strips in both directions
the mat is practically roll-up resistant (patent nr. 2007148)
• The bottom consists of a waterproof non-skid foil material
• Specific disinfectant dosage systems can be supplied for
unburdening of users

We also offer disinfectant mats for transport systems( trucks, cars, worklifts etc)

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