EVA greenhouse films

EVA greenhouse films

We offer our customers high quality EVA greenhouse film. EVA film is made of ethyl vinyl acetate. The useful life of the film in greenhouses is up to 20 years. The EVA film is 100% UV-resistant and has Anti-Drip protection, i.e. the film is covered with an anti-drip substance, so you keep condensation water away from your greenhouse.

We offer EVA greenhouse film in single and double forms, i.e. film stocking.

EVA double greenhouse film offered dimensions: width 1.50 m – 14.0 m.

The maximum length of the plastic sleeve is 100 m.

The densities of the EVA cover film are 180 microns, 190 microns and 200 microns.

Light transmittance of the coating up to 95%. Diffused light 16 – 30%.

The high-quality and strong EVA cover film guarantees the grower the best yield. When you notice the fading and aging of the greenhouse cover film, it is the right time to think about changing the greenhouse cover film. The replacement of the cover film results in an increase in yield of approx. 40%.

We also offer replacement and installation of greenhouse films. The product range includes the necessary profiles and slats.