Vermiculite is an excellent product to be used in horticulture. It can be used as a medium for the germination of seeds, where the combination of entrapped layers of air and the moisture retention capacities ensure an easy
and homogeneous germination of seeds and any rotting of the early root development is avoided.

Well known examples for these cultures are for instance cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, various garden herbs,
various varieties of salad and lettuce and many more. Maximum return is ensured !

In the same way bulbs, like daffodils, lilies and amaryllis are best preserved when completely embedded in vermiculite, where they can  multiply in an optimal environment.

Manufacturers of growing substrates are using this beautiful additive in their loam, cuttings substrate and seedcompost.

Vermiculite is exfoliated at extremely high temperatures, which makes it completely sterile and free of
any pathogens. The product is inorganic, environmentally friendly and has a very low volume weight.
It’s Ph-value is neutral to slightly alkaline and has a very favourable cations conversion ability.

Vermiculite is available in Topgreen stock with 100 L bags:

-Fine ( 0 – 1,5 mm või 1-2mm),

-Medium( 0 – 3 mm ),

-Large ( 2,5 – 5 )