Fertilizer mixer Unimix

Fertilizer mixer Unimix

Unimix MX is a very compact and versatile fertilizer mixer. Unimix MX is intended for professional growers for automatic fertilization of various crops. The standard model consists of a simple and low-cost construction that includes all the required functions. Various options can be added to the standard model to meet the customer’s needs and fit into the budget.

Unimix MX is available in capacities from 5 m3/h to 20 m3/h. Fertilizer is dosed using a combination of venturi pumps and spray valves. The standard model includes 8 electric valves, one EC and pH control system to add the right amount of nutrients to the irrigation water. The software controls half a dozen valves over a period of time, allowing for great flexibility in the valve program.

You can use the mixer for direct or drip irrigation, and you can also fill silos with a recipe. The liquid from the silo can then be pumped through a filter into the greenhouse. Of course, a combination of both options is also possible.

The Unimix MX control system is programmed by the control computer. This allows for flexible handling in exceptional situations where the program can be adjusted. The easy-to-use 4.3″ touch screen allows the user to adjust settings and view the current irrigation status.

Advantages of Unimix – easy installation and configuration, proven efficiency, compact (fits on EUR base).


  • 5 m3 – 20 m3/hour, at the customer’s request;
  • Power 2.6 – 3.4 kw;
  • Voltage 400 V;
  • Dimensions 120x80x115 cm;
  • Weight 250 kg;
  • EC and pH measurement;
  • Control computer, touch sensitive.

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