Recirculation fans

Recirculation fans
Recirculation fans

Topgreen also offer high quality horticultural recirculation fans.

Air humidity that is too high in the greenhouse is a significant problem in horticulture. It increases the risk of illness and infection. The energy-efficient recirculation fasn brings air flow to the greenhouse. This gentle air movement doesn’t just have a drying effect on the crops, which reduces the risk of illness; it also leads to an even temperature distribution in the greenhouse.

CAF 45  – capacity 5770 m3/hour, diameter 45 cm, 272W;

DAE 500 – capacity 400 m3/h, 90W, zinc coated;

DAE 600 – capacity 7000 m3/h, 150W, zinc coated;

EDC18 –  2600 m3/h, 110W, zinc coated;

ACF18 – 4500 m3/h, 122W , zinc coated;

ACF22-  7800 m3/h, 270W , zinc coated;

ACF25 – 11790 m3/h, 488W, zinc coated;

We also offer brackets, control boards, speed converters