Multispan greenhouses

Multispan greenhouses
Multispan greenhouses

The MULTISPAN greenhouse is a multi-layered greenhouse. The multispan greenhouse uses a brush stroke in the entire length of the building. Coating EVA double film. The ends and sides can also be made of polycarbonate or acrylic.

The openings can be motorized or with manual control. In the openings of the sides and of the heads it can be used reducers of stress to facilitate the movement. The administration of the motorized openings will be given to a control switchboard of expansions with wind, humidity, wind direction and connection to the pc.

Structure characteristics:

  • Arches in tubular diameter 60mm
  • Trusses realized with simple supports triangle-shaped
  • Standard pole of the gutter diameter 60 mm, 75×45 mm, 80×50 mm, 80×80 mm
  • Wheel base poles from 2,00 – 2,50 – 3,00 – 4,00 – 5,00 – 6,00 m
  • Extremity tie-rods in tubular, diameter 32mm with at least 6 bracings
  • Transversal reinforce tie-rods in tubular diameter 32mm
  • Nuts and bolts type 8.8 protected against corrosion
  • Central and lateral gutter channel with coat-zinc Sendzimir 500 gr/sqm or hot galvanized
  • Culture support up to 9 hanging points for cultures outside the ground.
  • Support of the gutter widely dimensioned. thickness 3mm
  • Standard poles of the heads 75×45 or 80x50mm thickness 3mm
  • Head traverse
  • Angulars of closure and finishes in galvanized sheet metal
  • Fixing of the plastic film through profiles in aluminum and PVC

Coverings and plugging:

The kind of structure presents different options of coverings and plugging such as:

  • Single wall film with aluminium profiles or tighten–film
  • Double inflated film with aluminium profiles (with inflating system between 2 films)
  • Semi rigid materials (such as ondex, wavy polycarbonate, polyester, sandwich panel ecc.)


Greenhouse width : 6,4 m – 12,8 m

Gutter height : 3,0 m – 5,0 m